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What Goes Into a Home Study?

The home study is the key to unlocking your adoption process. Your home study is given to the Birth Mother to validate her Consent to Adoption in independent or direct placement adoption, in addition to being filed with the Court with your adoption petition. Under North Carolina law, placement should not occur without a favorable home study in hand.

Home study reports are also called pre-placement assessments. The Datz Foundation of North Carolina, LLC is primarily licensed by the State of North Carolina to provide and focus on services for pre-placement assessments, in addition to post-placement reports. We want to make sure you understand the type of personal information (biographical and factual) that goes into a North Carolina home study.

List of information gathered for a home study

The rules for what goes into a home study are contained in North Carolina General Statues Chapter 48-3-303 and the North Carolina licensing regulations that implement the statute.

  • Identifying details about the prospective Adoptive Parents:
    • Names
    • Ages
    • Dates of birth
    • Nationalities
    • Races
    • Ethnicities
  • Each prospective parents’ religious preference.
  • Marital and family status and history of the prospective Adoptive Parents, including presence of any children born or adopted, and any other children in the household.
  • Physical and mental health status, including any addiction to drugs or alcohol.
  • Education and employment history and any special skills.
  • Property, and income, and current financial information.
  • Reason for wanting to adopt.
  • Any previous request for assessment or involvement in an adopted placement and the outcome of the assessment.
  • Whether the individual has been respondent in domestic violent proceedings, or an abused, neglected, abandoned of a delinquent minor… And the outcome of each and any such proceedings.
  • Whether the individual was ever convicted of a crime, other than minor traffic violations.
  • Whether the individual has located the parent interested in placing this child with that individual, and a brief non-identifying description of the parent and the child.
  • Any other factors or circumstances relevant to determining that the suitability to be an adoptive parent including quality of environment in the home and the functioning of any children in the household.

In addition to the above information, the home study agency will conduct a separate, stand-alone investigation into any local, state, and federal criminal records of the adoptive parents and any individual 18 years or older who reside in the home. The agency will also provide their own determination as to whether the prospective adoptive parents and any adults residing in the home are fit to have responsibility for the safety and well-being of children.

Why does the home study require all of these details?

The goal of the home study is to evaluate your familial strengths and weaknesses to be adoptive parents, leading toward a determination of suitability. If the prospective adoptive parents are suitable, the home study agency will support the determination; they will “approve” it. If the agency determines that prospective adoptive parents are not suitable, the pre-placement assessment will state specific concerns that support that decision.

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