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Post-Placement Supervision & Report

Congratulations on growing your family! We know how challenging the adoption process can be, and we hope you are enjoying the rewards as your new family member settles in.

It’s likely that you’re ready to reclaim some of your privacy and focus your energy on your family after the adoption home study and adoption process, but there are still a few more boxes to check—and the Datz Foundation of North Carolina can help you do so as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Why do I need post-placement supervision?

Once you’ve brought your new child home and before the adoption is totally finalized, the State of North Carolina requires a series of visits from a social worker to gauge how well your family is adapting over the course of a few months. In North Carolina, this typically involves two post-placement visits, the first occurring within two weeks of the placement and the final about 30 days later. These visits are designed to make sure both you and your adoptive child are adjusting well and that everyone’s needs are being met appropriately.

While it can feel like an invasion of privacy, remember that these visits are in service of you and your new child—just like you, your social worker and the State want to ensure that your child leads a happy, healthy life.

What will happen during post-placement supervision?

Your family will have a little time to settle in without interruption before your first post-placement supervision. If you worked with the Datz Foundation of North Carolina for your home study, you will need to request post-placement supervision, and once we have received your agreement, you will be put back in touch with your social worker. We find that it’s often easier for families to stick with the same agency and social worker so the post-placement visits feel more familiar and less invasive.

During your visits, your social work will observe your family and speak with all family members about how things are going. Topics of discussion may range from their last doctor’s visit to their overall mood, how they’re eating, or how they’re interacting with toys. Parents should be ready to answer questions about growth and development, any struggles with integrating your new family member, or concerns you may have.

Remember, your social worker is not looking for you to have a perfectly clean house free of any chaos. Having children is an incredibly rewarding but often hectic experience, and everyone around you as you finalize your adoption understands and expects this. Rather, they will be looking to both assess how well your new child is integrating and help you talk through any concerns or anxieties you may be experiencing as a new parent.

Keep this in mind and remember to answer all of your social worker’s questions honestly, come prepared with any questions of your own, and use the experience as an opportunity to examine any strengths and limitations so you can make the transition a positive experience for you and your family.

What will be in the post-placement report?

All the home visits, interviews, and any recommendations made by your case worker will be documented along the way in your case report. Additionally, your report will contain an account of your marital and family status, physical and mental health, home environment, property income, and financial obligations—all of which should sound familiar after your home study. The report will also include any reasonably available, non-identifying information concerning the physical, mental, and emotional conditions of your adopted child.

Your social worker will then report their findings concerning the suitability of you and your home for the adoptee and make a recommendation to the court about whether or not the petition for adoption should be granted.

How do I request post-placement supervision?

Once you’ve completed the pre-placement assessments and your proposed adoption is pending proceeding, it’s time to start talking to us about setting up your post-placement assessment. We walk all clients through the process and help them understand the legal requirements to complete their adoption ahead of time so there are no surprises.

If you work with the Datz Foundation of North Carolina for your NC adoption placement, here’s an overview of what you can expect:

  • Each adoption filing requires an Order for Report, which should name the Datz Foundation of North Carolina as the recipient.
  • The Clerk of Court will sign the Order, send it to Datz, and we will then be charged by Court Order to prepare your post-placement report.
  • At this point, we will contact you directly so you can sign the engagement agreement, fill out the intake form, and receive your invoice.
  • Once you have signed all documentation and paid for services, your social worker will reach out to explain the process and schedule your first home visit.

With over 20 years of combined adoption experience, the team at The Datz Foundation offers prospective adoptive parents a full suite of adoption services with compassionate, expert support. We would love to help you explore your options as you begin your journey of expanding your family. Contact us today to get started.