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Our Process

How the Datz Foundation of North Carolina works to help you have a successful adoption

At the Datz Foundation of North Carolina, we pride ourselves on making the often stressful adoption experience as quick and seamless as possible. We are able to do this through preparation, expert guidance, and an intimate understanding of domestic adoption.

Working with the same agency throughout the entire adoption process can help reduce stress greatly. Certain aspects of adoption, such as the home study, can feel invasive—and developing a relationship with your social worker and agency ahead of time can help offset some of that discomfort. That’s why we offer solutions for every step of the way.

Pre-placement home study

To best serve our clients, we have developed a two-step pre-placement process to avoid unnecessary costs and help you complete your adoption home study as quickly as possible. When you’re ready to begin the pre-placement assessment process, your first step is reaching out to us through our online contact form. A representative of Datz Foundation of North Carolina will reach out to you to explain the process and provide you with a short-form questionnaire. Submitting this questionnaire requires a $150 application fee that supports our initial review of your case.

This first step is incredibly important, as it allows us to make an initial determination on whether or not you are likely to have a successful home study. Should we find any red flags or determine that something about your circumstances would prevent a successful outcome, we can inform and advise you before you have provided the full home study fee.

If we determine that there are no immediate barriers to a successful home study, it’s time to move on to the second step. You’ll receive your agreement, full intake form, and an invoice for the home study. Once you’ve completed your forms and submitted payment, our social worker will reach out to you to begin.

Post-placement supervision & reporting

Once your home study is successfully completed and your adoption is pending court proceeding, the post-placement supervision period will begin. An Order for Report naming the Datz Foundation of North Carolina as the recipient should be filed with the court, who will then charge our agency with preparing the post-placement report.

At this point, we’ll get you your engagement agreement, intake form, and invoice for the post-placement visits and reporting, and your social worker will reach out to you to get the ball rolling. Barring any special circumstance, we do our best to ensure you work with the same social worker who did your home study so you feel as comfortable as possible with the process.

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